WITH: Whale in the High Cheats&Hack

Once upon a time, Wiz were traveling on a dandelion seed.
Suddenly, Wiz got swept away by a strong wind and crash-landed on the back of a floating whale.
Write down the story of Wiz who happened to begin living with a whale.

[WITH Characteristics]
– Feel the life living on a magnificent whale with Wiz!
– Decorate Whales and Wiz with unique looks!
– Watch the cute actions of the characters!
– Communicate with the game characters through various interactions!
– Enjoy the mini games of decorating the fishbowl to your taste!
– Take pictures and capture the emotions and memories that you feel at this moment!
– Enjoy beautiful melodies and emotional sounds that heal you.

Relieve your daily stress with the warm comfort of the whale and WIZ’s lovable cuteness.

Source: https://mobilecheats.edu.pl/with-whale-in-the-high-cheatshack/



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