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Become the most fantastic rhythmic gymnastics superstar the world has ever seen! Dress up in stunning, sparkling rhythmic gymnastics outfits and wow the crowd. Choreograph your own routine & dance your way up the competition leaderboard as you compete for your country.

Now’s your chance to dress up and become a rhythmic gymnastics superstar girl, in the biggest competition of the year! Compete in a team of the best of the best rhythmic superstar gymnast girls as you twirl with ribbons and watch your amazing teammates leap through hoops and dance with balls. Dance your way up from small local tournaments to huge international tournaments! Represent your country and choreograph your own routine! Awe the judges!

Game features:
* Dance
Create your very own rhythmic gymnastics ribbon dance routine as your teammates dance with balls and hoops.

* Challenge
Compete in an awesome superstar girl team of stellar rhythmic Olympic gymnasts! Leap, twirl, and dance your way to the top of the charts! Represent your country!

* Dress up
Dress up like a true rhythmic gymnast superstar girl in eye-catching dress up leotards. Dress up time is never complete until you get a beautiful makeover and a winning hairstyle to complete your magnificent look.

* Get fit
Get in shape at the gym. Chill out at the spa so you’re all fresh and ready for the big competition.

* Get ready
Ouch! Gymnastics injury. No worries — get treated at the doctor.

* Become a star
OMG! You get to star on the cover of a gymnastics magazine! Photo shoot, here you come!

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Source: https://mobilecheats.edu.pl/rhythmic-gymnastics-dream-team-cheatshack/



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