Puzzle Heart Match-3 in a Row Cheats&Hack

Match 3 blocks & cubes in Puzzle Heart. Help heroes to collect boosters, solve quests. Puzzle heart is an addicting matching game where you can combine city-building and puzzles! Blast gems & solve puzzles, tackle challenging & matching. Earn jewels in the game!

Start from the beginning, match 3 gems in a row. Rebuild and redesign the destroyed city by solving fun and challenging match 3 puzzles. Full of unique and fascinating characters, colorful building designs, and thousands of engaging levels and puzzles — you won’t be able to put this addicting matching game down!

GORGEOUS CITY RESTORATIONS: Rebuild the city from the ground up as you design and create the city of your dreams!
UNIQUE LEVELS: Try different chip combinations in match 3 levels to create explosive results and special effects unique to Puzzle Heart!
VARIED PUZZLE MODES: The huge amount of different level modes make it impossible to put this addicting matching game down!
AMAZING BOOSTERS: Puzzle Heart is full of helpful bonuses and power-ups. Develop your own strategy and use them to achieve victory!
INSPIRING ISLAND ADVENTURE: This match 3 puzzle game contains an engaging story full of friendly characters and island mysteries!
STUNNING GRAPHICS: We pulled out all the stops to create a gorgeous, city-wide masterpiece that’s always in motion.
REGULAR UPDATES: Stay tuned for new levels, buildings, quests, and events in this captivating island adventure!

Find us: https://www.facebook.com/puzzleheartgame
Have more fun: http://www.awem.com
Follow us: http://twitter.com/awem
Watch us: http://www.youtube.com/user/awemgames
Enjoy our art: http://pinterest.com/awemgames

Questions? We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at support@awem.com.

Enjoy all this and much, much more for FREE in Puzzle Heart, the addicting match 3 game guaranteed to become your favorite!
Welcome to Puzzle Heart, the best block puzzle gem crush game! Earn the treasure of kings as you become a jewel legend, solve match-3 quests.

Source: https://mobilecheats.edu.pl/puzzle-heart-match-3-in-a-row-cheatshack/



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