Poker Soul — Texas Hold’em Cheats&Hack

Poker Soul is a Texas Hold’em game with lovely ACG characters.

• Free to play — You can get free Coins (in-game chips) every day by login bonus, missions rewards and rank match rewards.
• No Registration — You can choose the guest mode to play our app without registering.
• Various Decorations — There are various items for you to customize your poker game, such as seating special effect, table, card and background.
• Playable Characters with Different Personalities — You can chat with other players by using stickers belonging to each character.
• Regular Ring Game — In ring game mode, you can enjoy the regular Texas Hold’em game.
• Ranked Match — In ranked match, you can play against a pool of players by using “Fast Fold”. Earn rank points to reach TOP rank, then you can be rewarded with rich in-game items.
• Free to host a friendly game — It is free to create a friendly match now. There are NLH, OMAHA, 6+ and SNG to choose from.




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