Planet Inc: Idle Miner Tycoon Cheats&Hack

Have you ever wanted to explore other planets? Build your empire from the ground up in this consistently updated idle mining game! Planet Inc is one of the most interesting idle mining games with significant features:

Idle Gameplay — Idle Mining
⛏ Earn ore, soft currency, smelting, and craft when you’re not playing
⛏ Quests- complete quests to earn premium rewards
⛏ Open crates for the ultimate item and champion
⛏ Check how much your galaxy evolved while idle
⛏ Upgrade mining planets to increase your ore capacities
⛏ Turn that ore into more valuable items by smelting or crafting it
⛏ Mine: Earn coins and hire champions to help your mining company

Incremental Upgrades
🛸 Create an Empire Across the stars!
🛸 Hire champions to improve your output!
🛸 Evolve your digging strategy! Research special technology to improve your output!

Upgrade Your Mining Ship
🛸 Play the Market: respond to supply & demand across the galaxy to maximize profits!
🛸 Terraform outlying planets to improve their output
🛸 Rewards to permanently upgrade your mining ship are everywhere!

Rich Content
– 3 different Galaxies
– 40 planets to explore
– 100+ materials
– 14 Travelers

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