Pepper : The Food Truck Hero Cheats&Hack


Pepper and her food truck have been summoned to another world where human, merfolk, beastfolk, and nymph live together.

In order to return to the real world, Pepper must meet an elf sorcerer who appears only once a year at the town’s cooking contest.

However, while taking the tests to participate in the competition, she gets caught up in a mysterious case involving the town…

Will Pepper be able to return home safely?

Come join her adventure!


– Match 3 puzzle, find the hidden object, and adventure

– Dive into the interesting story full of various characters and countless quests to complete

– There are numerous interactive elements hidden around the map and locations that are revealed as the story progresses

– Over 500 block puzzles with multiple obstacles and find-the-hidden-object games

– Various types of mini-games such as speed eating contest, arm wrestling contest, etc.

– Cute and adorable pixel graphics

– Cook a variety of dishes using different recipes and ingredients

– Cute costumes that can be acquired by playing the game




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