Medieval Life : Middle Ages Cheats&Hack

A new adventure begins! From the settings of the middle ages and the creators of the successful Nautical Life Tycoon game , we present a new free experience: Medieval Life : Castle King, a unique RPG game with the beloved European feudal theme! You can buy castles worthy of kings and queens.

– Turn-based medieval battle system
– 10 weapons with different attributes
– 12 skills with different magic effects to help in feudal battles
– 9 completely unique feudal castles
– +76 different creatures to hunt
– +150 furnitures to customize your castle
– Day and night cycle simulation that creates new and exciting challenges
– Several quests around the european continent and world
– Show your friends how awesome this feudal game is

Fun game graphics users love playing, while still enjoying the challenges the classic rpg games bring

Come play for free and hunt and fight around the wonderful world of Medieval Life Middle Ages




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