Ma Kiếm Vô Song — Cheats&Hack

Beginning with the 1000-year war between the fairies and humans, a demonic sword with power but also incomparable evil resentment was born. Few owners of ghost swords can live more than 30 years. Possessing a magic sword, the Martial Family from one of the most powerful clans died quickly. The only descendant, Anh Vo, is now the official successor of the legendary Ma Sword. Unlike his predecessors who enjoyed the power of the magic sword, Anh Vo was determined to find a way to break this evil curse. The story of our adventure has officially begun

Ma Kiem Wu Song is proud to bring you a lot of new features:

– Freely explore the super diverse world, ranging from European-style dungeons, floating in the ocean, desert to eternal snowy regions. A chaotic multi-world is waiting for you to explore.
– From 4 basic character classes, 7 transitions to create 28 completely different character schools. Active and passive skill sets with more than 200 skills to choose from, build your own skill table.
– Epic boss system with huge size, each boss has different AI and fighting style that requires new skills to defeat. Players have the ability to capture the boss into a companion pet, absorbing the boss skill to strengthen themselves.
– The system of factions is built in a miracle, making a campfire to make connections brings a lot of benefits. Cross-sex marriage, same-sex fraternity opens a slot with hidden gender equipment that only increases combat power and breaks self-limitation.
– Enter the game to receive VIP 4 immediately, plowing to VIP 18. The game continuously launches events 24/7. Commitment to big monthly updates ensures that the game experience is always new and attractive.




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