Idle Legend :Monster Evolution — Cheats&Hack

Come to collect, train and evolve your favorite pets. Build your strongest team, through challenges and adventures, become the top trainer!

1. Unique pets and skills: You can collect your favorite pets, inspire their unique skills and moves, keep training and evolving them

2. Colourful adventures and challenges: Challenge major bosses through main storys and daily dungeons, earn experience and rewards!

3. Close to the original, restore the classic: Realistic 1V1 gameplay, PK with friends, challenge the world’s top trainers, and constantly improve the power ranking.

4. Various strategies and combinations: Pets will grow up and awaken to gain different super powers and skills, you can defeat enemies by matching lineups and develop strategies.

5. Join a guild and play with friends: Join guilds, challenge guild bosses, donate items to get rewards.




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Adam Hoffman

Welcome to my profile. Something about me: a long-time social activist to help animals, additionally I run a company with the Mobile help profile.