Football Tactics Arena: Turn-b — Cheats&Hack

Combining tactical decision making of a fast-paced strategy game, with all the planning of a football manager — this is Football Tactics Arena!

Say goodbye to flick-to-shoot, one-touch soccer ‘games’ or football manager games with no gameplay. FTA is a dynamic turn-based soccer clash, focusing on strategy and tactics instead of fast button pressing. This is your chance to become the next football manager legend.

Lead your five-man team on a path to soccer glory — from humble beginnings, amateur leagues and muddy backyard pitches, to raving fans, jam-packed stadiums and global superstardom. Dribble your way to the top of the arena leaderboards, and get your team the respect they deserve!

Each turn, you’ll be tasked with telling your players where to go, who to guard, or how to shoot. To score, you’ll need to outsmart your opponent, make calculated passes, and find a perfect balance between defending and attacking. But be careful: strengthening your defense means sacrificing your offense — and vice versa!


⚽️Turn-based tactical gameplay that’s easy to learn, but difficult to master!
⚽️Cutthroat PvP multiplayer clash mode: to be the best, you gotta beat the best!
⚽️Challenge your friends for some PVP matches — find out who has the best tactics!
⚽️Win matches, advance to bigger arenas, and dominate the weekly leaderboards — daily clashes to compete with the world!
⚽️Unlock new players, armed with special skills and unique power-ups — carefully manage and plan your strategy!
⚽️Customize your team crest, jerseys, shorts, and even cleats!
⚽Manage your formation, make substitutions and tinker with your lineup until you find the winning combo!
⚽️Unique in-game soccer players, with huge personalities and compelling storylines!




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